Blog Love, Galeanthropy and an ABC Award!

Okay, so there’s been some crazy shizz going on with WordPress lately.

When I logged in on Sunday morning I was shocked to realise that somehow, in my sleep my blog had doubled its daily view record (whatever it’s called). After some slight confusion and a bit of investigation, I realised that not only one or two but FIVE of the blogs I actively follow have been Freshly Pressed in the last week! Yay for y’all, I’ve been clicking like wherever possible and hope you’ve all enjoyed the fame and fortune that I imagine it brings!

But – this was not where my joy ended! The lovely Lyndon of The Dissemination of Thought had nominated me for The Awesome Blog Content (ABC) Award! YAY! I am thrilled to pieces, even though it’s taken me ages to find all those words!

So, as the rules of the award go, I am to:

  1. Thank the person who gave me the award
  2. Choose one word that describes me for every letter of the alphabet  (for some I just chose words I like)
  3. Pass it on and nominate blogs which I think deserve fame and notoriety

So, first up, many, many thanks to Mr Keane and The Dissemination of Thought  for nominating me! One of my favourite bloggers so far, Lyndon is flipping hilarious and his posts never fail to make me laugh. He’s also kind of a big deal, so I’d recommend you become his friend and WordPress stalk him before he hits it big and forgets us little people!

And for the alphabet of ME:



























*I don’t actually think I’m a cat, but how good is that word?

**I’m also not a pug, but I love them!

***I can’t actually yodel, but I had no other Y. I’ll give it a shot if you pay me!

****I also wouldn’t describe myself as plump or full-figured, but it sure beat zany

And for the blogs I would like to nominate: – I just discovered this one today, very funny and clearly an Arrested Development fan! I can’t wait to read more from her! – I nominated Emily last time, but she’s still hilarious, and still reminds me of me. – Another one I nominated last time, every time I visit this blog I end up giggling at something on there! – This bloggers name is Sarah Palma, which reminds of both Twin Peaks and Chicken Parma, what more can you ask for?

Sorry for only nominating four, it’s bedtime and I’m starting to type crazy things as I doze off in front of my computer screen!

Thanks for reading my blog and for all the wonderful new followers I have gained over the past few days! Yay!


  1. pithypants

    Thanks for the shout out! I feel obligated to warn you: I am really, really shitty at holding up my side of the bargain on these things. But that IS one of my new year’s resolutions, so hopefully the wheels won’t come off the wagon here in February. Stay tuned. And thanks for reading!

    • tennizzlle

      How GOOD is the word Galeanthrope? I’m going to try to use it in at least five conversations this week!

      Maybe I’ll also chuck a Glockenspiel in for good measure!

    • tennizzlle

      Good things sure do come in twos, your nomination is much appreciated, and congrats on also getting nominated for a VBA!
      I just clicked your link and realised I have indeed read your blog before! Even just your post titles make me laugh!

      • cristycarringtonlewis

        Like yourself, I’m in the Freshly Pressed club – congrats again on that – and I just love your blog. Totally cracks me up. So glad I could pass the love along…sorry it was the second time. I just didn’t see your badge up there. I don’t even know how to put the darn thing on my sidebar. Anyhoo, us funny girls gotta stick together!

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