Will Write for Food

Last week I quit my job.

Most people who know me saw it coming, but for the many people I know through work, it was completely unexpected. So far, everyone has reacted with ‘Omg, what’s happened?’ and I suspect, knowing my tendency for dramatics, they are assuming that I cracked without warning, slamming the manual lift door while screaming ‘I QUIT!’ and storming off down La Trobe Street.

Alas, it was not so exciting and unlike the time someone put spag bol all over the bin in the midst of a bug infestation or the time I realised someone was stealing the toilet paper (I still have my suspicions, but no proof), there was absolutely no hysterics.

Resigning was a massive relief and although I had a TINY panic attack in between being offered my new job and quitting my current one, it wasn’t long before I was getting excited about taking a huge step off my current career path and throwing caution to the wind.

There’s something liberating about having absolutely no idea what the heck you will be doing a year from now, and, to quote my ever-unreliable Fortune Telling Fairy Cards, I am moving forward fearlessly!

Gone are the days of work-related panic attacks and swatting bugs as I sit at my desk – it’s time for freedom, creativity and full, uninterrupted nights of sleep! Woo hoo!

As mentioned above, I do have a new job lined up, which I am very excited about, but leaving my current role will also allow me to look into new opportunities, to focus on my blog and what I really want to do – to DANCE!

Okay, that was totally a joke, but I have spent a fair chunk of the past few days thinking about the future. Now is the time to work out exactly what I want to do and how to do it… But in typical Tennizzle-style, I have become overwhelmed by the decision.

Ideally I would win lotto and spend the next few years jetting around the world, renovating my house and volunteering my time to the greater good… however accepting that this is not going to happen and that the chances of anyone paying me to hang out with my dogs for a living are just as low, I am going to need a more realistic plan.

I have decided to focus on copywriting, but without it being part of my everyday work.

So far, I have taken the massive steps of purchasing my blog domain (check it out, I’ve dropped the ‘wordpress’ from my site, la di da!) AND getting my own personal domain for the future… I haven’t quite worked out how to set up a website or get it hosted, but I’m on my way! I can feel success in the air!

I’m starting with a bit of blatant self-promotion to people I know professionally and am hoping to start putting a portfolio together in the coming months. As a result, my blog will be growing and although my regular, neurotic posts will continue, I will also be using this page as a means of collating writing until I have a proper website.

In the meantime, if you see someone with a sandwich board reading ‘Will Write for Food’ standing outside Flinders St station next month… please stop by and say hi!


    • tennizzlle

      Thanks JJ/JM!
      I thought you were spamming me for a moment there, you know those ‘Re-post and you’ll win a $3000 gift card’!
      Next thing you’ll be offering me viagra and/or a penis enlargement!

  1. megalagom

    A step in the right direction! Even if it feels crazy and you don’t know what to do next sometimes you just need to do something drastic to set things into motion!

  2. Jeuron

    I feel where you’re coming from. I recently left my part-time job, which I had been at for five years, for a new full-time temporary position. I loved my old job to death and I could’ve stayed there forever, but I decided it was time to move on to a new challenge.
    So far the new job hasn’t been too demanding. It’s actually been a bit slow and even my supervisors have told me that I’ll have a lot of downtime until some point in June. Ironically, this job has given me more time to work on my blog and develop my overall writing skills. During my last full-time job my writing fell by the wayside, but it actually appears that this job may force me to push my writing to new levels. I even submitted a story for publication on last week and am currently in the process of completing an article for a Southern-based writing magazine. Hopefully, one day I can quit working all together and support myself solely through my writing.
    Best wishes on your future writing goals!

  3. butimbeautiful

    Yay! Change is the best thing! Hope it works out, I also love dancing, it’s a line straight to the soul. Looking forward to the new you! and if i do see at Flinders St I’ll naturally drop a few pennies in!

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