About me

If I had to explain myself in one sentence it would be:

A typical Aries, blunt, direct and bossy, with bad tone, a lack of social prompts and an inability to high-five.

I am starting this blog at the end of 2011, with the intention to blog weekly about nothing in particular…

There’s a good chance I will fail, but hopefully I’ll get a bit of venting done in the process!



  1. kdevries

    I also can’t high five. We should start a support group. For years now, when I high five, my husband just rolls his eyes and tries to show me again how to “correctly” high five. I think maybe everyone else is doing it wrong. If I decide to start a 12 step support group on my site, I’ll be sure to include you as one of the inaugural members.

    • tennizzlle

      Haha, it’s good to know I’m not alone!
      I actually had a referral to my blog from someone Googling ‘What is the fear of high five called?’ Haha! I think it needs a scientific name!
      Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. La dittatrice

    I do apologise if lots of people have already told you this, but I think the best way to successfully high-five is to look at the other person’s elbow instead of their hand. I secretly hope it still won’t work though, because I do like the name of your blog and you might have to change it if suddenly you became capable of high-fiving.

    • tennizzlle

      I don’t think anyone else had suggested this. I imagine looking at the elbow would be a good distraction, but apparently the issue is in my hands, which don’t high-five at the right angle, or something.
      I don’t know, I just hate the whole concept! Give me a knuckle bump instead any day!

      • La dittatrice

        Ah well if the problem’s in your hand then I’m not sure if the elbow trick would work… It works for me because I’d always just completely miss the hand of the person that I was high-fiving and my hand would stop somewhere in mid-air,looking like a big, uncoordinated loser. Knuckle-bump to you, ma’am.

  3. the777man

    Oh I do love your blog!!! Awesome! I teach everyone of my dogs how to high five, and I am sure they don’t do it exactly right either, but they just don’t give a ______. A knuckle bump works just as well, so hey why do you need to be able to do a high five. LOL

    Oh the funniest dog was Moses, whenever I would pet him He would try to pet me back with his big shepherd/lab paw. Because of his size his high five was the best.

    Peace and Harmony,

  4. Jeuron

    Well it definitely doesn’t look like you’re failing! Lol. I started my blog towards the end of last year (Sept.) and wish I had the kind of following you do. You have great content and keep things real. Looks like you’ve found the perfect formula for blogging success. Keep it up:-)

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