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In My Mind, My Best Friend is Sitting on the Couch Eating a Sandwich.

It’s so strange how our mind reminds us of a person. Often a smell, a song, a food or even just the weather can bring back the best memories of being around someone. I love those moments and the warmth and happiness they bring and I’ll often be reminded of something and proceed to start laughing (and often nose whistling) loudly at a totally unrelated moment in time.

One thing I have noticed is how clear the image in my mind is of many people in my life. If I’m on the phone or reading an email or message from them, I will have a mental image of them in my head, often of some totally random occasion which has stayed with me.

Sometimes my image of them is from a photo or just the last time I remember seeing them, but for the people I know well it’s a specific time and place which has remained in my subconscious.

The other day I thought about this so much in preparation for this blog, that I actually had some kind of fast forward stocktake of the people who have had an impact on my life, or my life as it currently is. It filled me with happiness and I actually had to stop for a moment to let myself take it all in.

It went something like this:

One of my best friends is sitting on the blue couch in the house we shared, putting a piece of sandwich in her mouth and nodding…

The other is dancing in the car as we drive to work.

Another friend is eating a cheeseburger at Oxford street McDonald’s and savoring every bite.

My ex-boyfriend is screaming obsenities at me as I walk a metre ahead of him in London.

A friend is sitting opposite me eating oysters in Galway, discussing my love life…

One is walking along a street wearing a backpack and bouncing on skinny legs…

Another is holding a glass of white wine as big as her head while eating dry roasted peanuts and laughing…

My best friend from primary school is walking next to me in the playground.

My best friend from high school is eating nutella and waving at me from her front door.

A traveling friend is laughing in bed as we recount the previous night’s chaos in Peru…

Another is wearing my pink and white skirt as we hit the town in Madrid.

My first crush is laughing with his mouth open and a booger hanging out of his nose.

My first boss is dancing in the lunch room.

My best boss is looking confused and nodding.

My older sister is 15 and wearing her school uniform, screaming and slamming the screen door in a moment of teen angst.

My mother is in the kitchen, bouncing around busting for the toilet…

My dad is taking my 10 year old self to the airshow and I’m worrying about my light up runners in the mud.

I could probably go on forever. There’s many more where I can’t pinpoint the time or place of the memory, but I can see the person clearly, most often looking happy or laughing.

I started writing this post as I decided to discuss other people instead of myself for a change and it ended up bringing me a lot of joy.

What do you see when you think of the people who have impacted your life?

And if you know me, how do you see me?

P.s. Apologies for the lack of my usual bad jokes and venting! Rest assured, they will be back in the next post!